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An initiative created with a desire to mobilize our communities, coordinate a community-planning process, build local capacity to drive and manage development, and implement an innovative sustainable development plan.

Current Events

Our Communities of Northwest Stokes is very pleased to announce that the Second Annual Francisco FarmFest will be coming to the grounds of Francisco School Saturday, October 7, 2017 from 10 am to 5 pm. Please consider sponsorship, read more about how to help here.

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#1.    360° CAMPAIGN TO ESTABLISH THE NONPROFIT (OCF)The 360° Campaign recognizes the first 360 donors as founding contributors and provides name recognition through the public display of commemorative / legacy community art.

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Helping Our Communities


“We are committed to investing creativity, common sense and capital in northwestern Stokes County; revitalizing our communities; and securing a bright inclusive future for area families. Revitalization will be achieved through a comprehensive, integrated, and place-based development strategy that draws on traditions of stewardship, self-reliance, and rural innovation. Our planning combines education, outdoor recreation, farming, innovation, local arts & crafts, and community-building in traditional and new ways as we rise to the challenges of agricultural and generational transition.”

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