Non-Profit (OCF)


Our Communities of NW Stokes Foundation (OCF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit

A little goes a long way.

corporation created to support Our Communities of NW Stokes (OC), a planning and development initiative, and its partnering organizations.

OCF’s participation in the overall planning process helps ensure that OC’s goals and objectives and OCF’s purposes are compatible and are achieved thru close supportive collaboration.


OCF is a group of community minded individuals tasked to work with OC and its community partners to develop and implement an integrated strategy to meet community needs.

It strives to strengthen community well-being by supporting education, agriculture, economic development, recreation, arts, and other needs as they evolve and change.

It accomplishes this, as the designated supporting entity, by providing accountability and fiduciary support for submission of grants and deployment of donations and awarded grants, as well as financial and progress reporting to the communities and grant sources.  

Please contact us with any questions by sending us a message.

IRS Determination Letter – available upon request
NTEE (National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities) Code S99 – Community Improvement and capacity building.


Jo Ann Greyer Stimson, Chair, President
Bill Hart, Vice-Chair, Assistant Treasurer
Texie Jessup, Vice President, Treasurer
Barbara Freas, Secretary
Jane Bowman, Assistant Secretary


•    Adhere to legal and financial standards as well as ethical norms:
•    Assists with and submits grants to grant resources
•    Deploys funds from awarded grants and donations
•    Reports outcomes to grant sources, donors, and OC.


Two board members & other community volunteers serve on each committee.

Grants (Bill Hart, Texie Jessup, Kendall Harden, Jean Holcomb, Maggie Watson)

•    Responsible for ensuring that funding ideas match OCF’s purposes.
•    Reviews grant proposals / applications prepared by OC Teams for submission to appropriate government, nonprofit, or other funding agencies or organizations.

 Finance (Bill Hart, Texie Jessup, Jo Ann Greyer Stimson, two volunteers to be added)

•    Provides OCF’s financial oversight and management.
•    Responsible for monitoring OCF’s financial records, budget oversight, and accounting for all aspects of funds management.

Communications (Jane Bowman, Barbara Freas, Sylvia Burton, one volunteer to be added)

•    Creates an inviting environment for OC and its partners.
•    Forms respectful trusting relationships throughout the communities; recognizing that everyone has value.
•    Shares and distributes important information about topics of concern and invites action.
•    Reports grant awards and accomplishments to the public.
•    Announces events and fund raisers throughout NW Stokes.

 Nominating (Bill Hart, Texie Jessup, Maggie Watson, one volunteer to be added)

•    Work with our communities and board to seek candidates to serve as members of board.
•    One or more committee members will meet with candidates to explore their interest, skills, experience, and time to commit to board service.
•    Present slate of candidates to full board for consideration and vote to approve