Take a moment to see the latest news about the Francisco Elementary School (FES) repurposing effort in a one page report (see below) from the OC / Stokes County Working Group to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC).  Thanks to the outgoing BOCC and to the County Staff for their collaboration in moving this challenging opportunity forward.

Stokes County Board of County Commissioners – Quarterly Report – Q 3 2016 HERE…

Next big steps: 
(1) BOCC provides draft for OC review of property transfer agreement as early as end of 2016.
(2) Working Group reviews actions to protect Francisco School property, whether ownership continues by County or is transferred to OC,
(3) OC seeks approval of existing septic system application for startup uses and building department approvals so that OC can offer limited services in buildings, generate revenues, gain property management experience, and potentially decrease the County’s cost of property insurance,
(4) OC identifies / discusses accessible additional property, with a funding plan, to accommodate septic expansion and / or repair field needs, and
(5) OC Organizing Committee assembles FES Task Force Teams to create a feasible and sustainable plan for the repurposing of the school. 

New Board Members needed

The Our Community of NW Stokes (OC) is collecting names for consideration for nonprofit board members as it transitions from a startup board to a board with member terms.  The new board will begin its work January, 2017.  We are looking for people with experience, time, and enthusiasm. 

Experience and knowledge in real estate, facility management, data management, board of director experience, finance/CPA and administration would be helpful and also candidates with fundraising, community outreach and grant writing skills are a must.  Any community recommendations for these board members will be greatly appreciated.  We are accepting names via email to joann.ocnwsfound@gmail.com BEFORE December 2. For more information, go to www.ocnwstokes.org, Non-Profit (OCF), and then Updates. 


Please contact us with any questions by sending a message using the Non-Profit Contact section.