Our Communities of Northwest Stokes is very pleased to announce that the Second Annual Francisco FarmFest will be coming to the grounds of Francisco School Saturday, October 7, 2017 from 10 am to 5 pm. Please consider sponsorship, read more about how to help here.

Date:  Sunday, May 7
Location:  Francisco Community Building
Start:  3:00 p.m.
End:  Not later than 5:00 p.m.
Why attend:
You are the deciders.   The community will be taking final steps to decide whether or not we all believe a plan justifies repurposing and ownership of the Francisco Elementary School.  Please attend so you are better prepared to help make this community decision and to express your preference…accept property or not.  
a.)  Task Force and FES Working Group members decided it would be helpful to stay on its schedule to meet with County on Wednesday, May 3, and gain greater clarity as to:  (1) insurance and risk considerations, (2) meaning of public purpose & public service and their impact on future OC ownership, and (3) property tax liability…so it could report back to you.
b.)  Update of any developments or new information since draft report was issued – (i.e., response to questions, additional input from Champions, additional cost information.  
c.)  The optimistic operating and investment costs were shown in the TF “Draft” Report.  There are additional costs that were referenced (requiring a bit of further development) and will be placed in final report for added documentation.  If OC were to proceed with ownership, those numbers need to be considered in coming years as we plan for unknowns.  
d.)  Vote on viability of OC owning and operating the facility in a repurposed state. 
e.)  Determine direction of finalized plan based on vote by community on viability of ownership.


Date:  Sunday, April 29
Location:  Francisco Community Building
Start:  3:00 p.m.
End:  Not later than 5:00 p.m.

Why attend:
You are the deciders as the community races toward the decision finish line (in just two months) as to whether or not a plan justifies repurposing and ownership of the Francisco Elementary School.  Please attend so you are better prepared to help make this community decision
a.  Learn where things stand on the development of a feasible and sustainable plan due in two months.  What have we learned and how does OC arrive at a community decision?
b.  Update on any uses submitted by Use Champions and related market demand and revenues; review of specific “tenants” explored for providing service / activity / commercial use; special costs; and other input helpful to the Task Force in offering an analysis. 
c.  Projection of operating and investment costs.
d.  Conduct public discussion of choices and parameters for decisions regarding the school for guidance as the Task Force completes its work and offers its analysis for community review / decisions.  What is your perspective?

Our  Next Event , Save the Date

Francisco Community Market Day , April 29th
  • Homegrown And Homemade
  • Local arts / crafts / music / food / activities for children
  • Farmers Market and Demonstrations by the Francisco Fire and Rescue
  • We would like to give a “shout out” to vendors and offer this opportunity to sell their goods at this event! For just $20 you can reserve a 10′ x 10′ space to set up your own table of merchandise. You keep all your profits!
    To register, just send a message by April 15 via Facebook or call Ruth Anne Harden 919-360-2604.  

   7165 North Carolina 89 Hwy W, Francisco, NC 27053



Proceeds Will Benefit North Stokes High School Girls Softball Team
Food at 6:00 pm
Games Begin at 7:00 pm
20 Games for $20

  • Boost your brain power!
  • Increase your mental speed!
  • Improve your memory!
  • Enhance your ability to absorb information!
  • Teach the little ones their numbers!
  • Bring the whole family for a night of good old fashion fun!Location: Francisco Community Building
    Address:  7104 NC 89 Hwy W.,  Westfield, NC 27053
    Francisco is on Hwy 89 in Stokes county located 7 miles west of Westfield and 12 miles east of Danbury on Hwy 89     

    Get there early for Hot Dogs with all the Fixings, Chili, & Homemade,
    desserts served from 6-7 pm.


Happy New Year!
You’re invited to participate:

Northwest Communities Workshop and Potluck Supper
Sunday January 22nd
Francisco Community Building.
Workshop 3:00 pm
Supper 5:00 pm

Help draft a plan for the Francisco School and actions we can take to help Northwest Stokes Communities meet this and other challenges.

Celebrate the new year with friends and neighbors. Have fun. Bring a dish to share.

Together, let’s to make NW Stokes the best place to be in 2017

These events are part of the Our Communities of NW Stokes initiative.
Starting this month news and information from Our Communities will come from

Look who’s helping Our Communities

When: December 10, 2016…all day
Where: Francisco School, 7165 NC Hwy 89 W, Westfield, NC 27053
PLEASE put “WORKDAY AT THE SCHOOL,” SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10th on your calendars and spread the word. Work will be going on all day. We’ll be cleaning the gym. The county seems to be moving closer to a decision to permit some community use of the school building in the fairly near future. They asked for an application; it has been submitted, and county staff continues to be very helpful. The use would still be limited by the capacity of the current septic system, but we could work with that. Should good news come soon, we want to be ready to start using the gym right away. That’s why we’re scheduling the work day. Thanks Texie, and Horace, for your terrific leadership on this. Please come and bring your work gloves…any help is welcome.

First Annual Francisco Farmfest &
Martin Haunted Hayride Wrap up

Francisco Farmfest Oct. 1st, 2016

Martin Haunted Hayride Oct. 15th, 2016

Many people have asked how the First Annual Francisco Farmfest went.  It was fantastic!  And since the Our Communities Foundation was the recipient of the proceeds from the Martin Haunted Hayride also, a total of $9102 was collected after expenses to fund the Francisco School Project.  Thanks to our sponsors, volunteers, friends and neighbors who attended the events, Our Communities of Northwest Stokes, Francisco Presbyterian Church, and Mike and Amy Martin.  The funds collected are crucial to the repurposing and developing a feasible and sustainable plan for our Francisco School.  Thanks also for the much needed food contributions for the Northern Stokes Food Pantry.  A more detailed report can be seen below:

Net Proceeds to OCF from two October events –
Francisco FarmFest & Martin Haunted Hayride
TOTALS, Combined OC Sponsorship Program Commitments Underwriting Both Events
Collected, $5,500.00
Outstanding, $200.00

Total Proceeds, $5,700.00
Francisco FarmFest held on October 1
Revenues, $4,702.00
Expenses, $2,376.82
Net Proceeds, $2,325.18
Martin Haunted Hayride held on October 15
Revenues, $1,539.25
Expenses*, $462.50
Net Proceeds, $1,076.75
Total Proceeds Contributed to Francisco School Project, $9,101.93
*All expenses beyond increase in event insurance were donated
as of 10/31/16